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Carpet Benefits

Sterling Carpet One Floor & Home has what you need and want when it comes to carpet flooring. When homeowners are looking to buy new carpet they want something comfortable, trendy, and durable. A carpet should be more than just good looking it should also be functional in your home as well. We have the carpet professionals here to help you navigate our carpet collection and choose the perfect carpet for your home.

Carpet floors are more functional now that it even has been before. New technology has made them more stain resistant, matt resistant and more durable all together. Most carpets now feature allergy friendly options, where allergens will not stick to the fibers and are easily vacuumed up. Carpets also assist in the energy efficiency of your home. Wool carpets for example, can trap heat in their fibers, keeping your room cozy warm during the colder months.

Do I Need Carpet Padding?

It is also important to know that carpet padding is an important part of the carpet as well. If you get the wrong type of padding or go the cheap route, you run the risk of your new carpet floors becoming damaged, or worse, your subfloors.

You can install carpet in many different places in your home. It functions best in rooms like dens, living rooms, and bedrooms. You can install some carpets in finished basements, but we suggest checking out Tigressa H2O for a project like that.

Explore more topics about carpet below, and visit our Sterling Carpet One showrooms in Grand Forks and Bemidiji, ND., to speak with one of our flooring experts.

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When Should I Replace My Carpet?

A carpet may not say when it needs to be replaces but it will show you. Follow the link below to learn about signs to look for to tell if it is time to replace your carpet. 

Carpet Replacement
Tigressa Carpet

What are the Different Carpet Types

Carpets come in all kinds of different colors, fibers, and piles. Learn about the different carpet types and choose which one would work best in your home. 

Carpet Types

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