Carpet Trends Grand Forks, ND

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Carpet color should not be considered until style and quality level has been chosen. Once that has been determined, furniture in the room where the new carpet will be installed should be considered next. If you plan on getting new furniture as well as new carpet flooring, choose the furniture first. Fabric and colors for furniture are typically much more limited than carpet colors. Consider colors that will complement your furniture. Neutral colors are the most popular selections and for good reason. Carpet color can have a big impact on the overall feel of a room and the home overall. Choosing bold or dark colors can make rooms appear smaller than they are. In addition, new carpet is not an inexpensive venture so unless you are prepared to invest every few years in replacing the carpet, be careful not to choose the latest trend that may not be the latest trend in a year or two. On average, carpet is typically replaced every 7-8 years. Neutral colors are also much more desirable by potential home buyers; this is an important factor to consider when choosing the color, especially if selling your home is a possibility before it's time to replace the carpet again. There are many ways for neutral colors to still possess character, including different textures, shade variations, and carpet with flecks.

Where you are in life should also be a major factor in color selection. If you are at the stage with young kids, this may not be the time for the classy, cream plush carpet you've always wanted. Instead, you may want to consider a Berber style that will hide imperfections and decrease the need to vacuum every day. Think about the traffic flow in the room as well as lighter color carpet does not often fare well in high traffic rooms.

Finally, consider transitions between rooms. This is something that can be overlooked quite easily and can have drastic consequences. Choose a style that provides a smooth transition both in style and color. Once these initial issues are out of the way, you can proceed to the color swatch choices and begin to narrow down further until you have made a selection. Carpet can feel like an overwhelming venture to some due to multiple decisions that go into the selection, but color should be the fun part.

When in doubt, lean towards the more neutral colors. Save your big bold aspirations for things such as paint that are much less expensive!