Hardwood Floor Refinishing Grand Forks, ND

Hardwood Care

Hardwood floors last a lifetime which makes them a great investment. But, just like your body, hardwood flooring will require care and upkeep from time to time to ensure they are working properly and looking as good as new! At Sterling Carpet One, we offer hardwood floor refinishing services. Wondering how to know if you need help refinishing hardwood floors? Here are some easy tips on how to care for your floors and when to know then it’s time for professional help.

On the Daily

Daily sweeping will remove dust and built-up dirt which will prevent scratching or damage to the finish. Wipe any spills up immediately to make sure they don’t stain or cause damage.

Per Week

Mopping or dry mopping with a manufacturer approved cleaner will provide a better and deeper clean than sweeping and refresh your floors for the new week.

On Occasion

If regular cleaning isn’t cutting it anymore and you’re thinking your floors might need to be refinished, do a little test. Drip a little water onto your floors, and if the water beads on top, that means your finish is still intact. If the water soaks in after a few moments, the finish is probably starting to lose effectiveness. And, if the water soaks straight into the floor, that is an indication that your finish is damaged and you’ll need to refinish them.

If you are wondering more about hardwood care or think it might be time for your floors to be refinished, call us today!