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From modern chandeliers to ambient lighting, Sterling Carpet One is here to help with all your lighting needs.

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Lighting - Kitchen Lighting & Bathroom Light Fixtures

Right when you walk into our showroom, our professional staff will help you determine what areas need lighting. At Sterling Carpet One located in Grand Forks, North Dakota, you can shop conveniently under roof and receive tips to complete your entire room with lighting, window treatments, and home decor.

Our Process

We first help you determine what areas specifically you're looking to implement lighting for and then we take a look at the type of lighting where we ask the question, what is the purpose of the lighting? Secondly, we work with your style preference and pre-existing theme or design ideas to help you select the best style and appropriate finish. Whether it's an industrial styled chandelier or under-cabinet lighting, we strive to work within your budget and have high-quality options starting at great prices. Last but certainly not least, we will work within a timeline that suits your schedule and complete the installation. Contact our Lighting Department for more information!

Lighting at Sterling Carpet One

Types of Lighting

Prior to selecting the right lighting fixture needed for your unique space, it's important to understand what type of lighting is available.

Task Lighting - Task lighting refers to lighting designed specifically for an area lighting a specific task. For example, installing several recessed lights in a kitchen or under-cabinet lighting to provide clear lighting onto counters for food preparation.

Ambient Lighting Think of ambient light as the pre-existing light that typically comes from natural light. Light is an important concept to grasp to create a functioning and comfortable space.

Accent Lighting - Accent lighting focuses light on a particular object often used to highlight art or other artifacts such as wall sconces, floodlights, and track lighting which helps create visual interest in a room.

Industrial Lighting Fixutres at Sterling Carpet One

Our Lighting Brands

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Troy Lighting

Offering workmanship of authentic and handcrafted artistry, Troy Lighting produces high quality fixtures in both design and structure. From soft industrial styles to iconic classics, you will notice fine detail in Troy Lighting fixtures.

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ELK Creativity Lighting

ELK Lighting

Headquartered in the U.S, ELK Lighting designs exquisite indoor and outdoor light fixtures for residential, designer and commercial lighting fixtures and decorative accessories.

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Access Lighting

From indoor and outdoor lights to LED and energy efficient options, Access Lighting has premium options for your home.

Specialty Brand Capital Lighting

Capital Lighting

From interior light fixtures to outdoor lighting and sconces, Capital Lighting Fixture Company provides decorative lighting for a variety of settings to fit any home décor.

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Specialty Brand Golden Lighting

Golden Lighting

Offering classic and modern lighting collections for bathrooms, kitchens, and exterior lighting, Golden Lighting inspires your eye for design. 

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Specialty Brand Quoizel Lighting

Quoizel Lighting

Quoizel Lighting specializes in unique lighting options whether you’re looking for tavern lighting for your bar, fashionable lighting alternatives, or outdoor lighting, we provide sophisticated styles and ample options.

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