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Pet Friendly Flooring in Grand Forks, ND

As a nation, we love our pets. In fact, according to statistics published by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), more 43 million households have at least one dog and more than 36 million households include at least one cat. With this many four-legged household members, it is no wonder that finding the right flooring for a pet-friendly home is a common topic among homeowners. 

What to Remember When Considering Flooring for Use with Dogs and Cats

Even the best behaved pet will add some cleaning and home maintenance challenges to the family. Pets that go outside the home can carry mud, dirt and debris in on their paws, and most will also shed excess fur or leaves scratches with their nails on some types of flooring. In addition, they often make messes, especially where food and water dishes or kitty litter boxes are kept.  

To combat these issues, pet owners should always look for flooring choices that are durable, easy to clean and resistant to both scratches and moisture. In addition, pet owners should take any special needs their pet may have into consideration, as well, such as physical or mobility issues that might make it difficult for pets to walk on some surfaces, such as those that are highly polished.  

Flooring Choices That Work Well With Pets

Some good flooring choices for pet-friendly homes include: 

  • vinyl tile flooring - an especially good choice for homes with active dogs or puppies, vinyl tiles are durable, easy to clean and water and scratch resistant and individual tiles can be easily replaced, should one become damaged
  • painted concrete - dogs and cats both enjoy lying on the cool surface of concrete during warm weather and when painted with floor-quality paint, concrete is easy to clean and resistant to pet damage or moisture
  • bamboo flooring - this product offers the look and feel of hardwood, but because bamboo is more resistant to scratches, moisture and other damage, it is a better choice for the pet-friendly home

Additional Flooring Tips for the Pet-Friendly Home

In addition to choosing flooring that will be easy to clean and maintain, remember to also consider pet comfort when making flooring choices. If choosing hard surface flooring for an entire room where your pet will spend a lot of time, consider also adding a few area rugs to provide additional comfort for your four-legged family members.