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How to Prevent Carpet Fading

How to Prevent Your Carpet from Fading

Perhaps you thought your fairly new carpet was dirty and invested in carpet cleaning, but it didn't get the results you were looking for. It's possible the carpet faded due to over exposure to sunlight.  There are a few things you can do to protect your carpet from premature color loss due to fading.



Blocking Direct Sunlight

Prevention is your best bet.  Whether you have light blocking draperies or blinds, be sure to close them during the day to keep the sunlight from streaming onto your valuable rugs and carpets. If it is a small area rug, and you don’t want to have the windows blocked all day long, try positioning it in the room where it doesn't get direct sunlight. If you work during the day, closing the blinds while your home is empty will greatly reduce the amount of sun the floor covering is subjected to without diminishing your homes appearance.



Wear Socks in the House

Besides dirt tracking in on your shoes, many other chemicals can affect the dyes in fabrics, which causes fading.  Skin moisturizers, some bacteria, and even residual film left behind by some shower gels can cause damage. If you simply leave the shoes by the door and make sure to wear socks inside, you will reduce the number of contaminants to which your carpet is subject to.



UV Blocking Blinds

There are blinds available that permit sunlight into the room but are treated with UV blocking chemicals, which is the real culprit behind fading. These may be a more attractive alternative to the total blackout versions.



Carpet Cleaning

If you treat stains personally, be aware that many standard household cleaners contain ingredients that can bleach out colors. Make sure to purchase carpet cleaning products that specifically mention they will protect your carpet.  Always test a small area where it won't be noticed first before applying to the entire area. If your rug is particularly valuable, a professional carpet cleaning service will offer the right chemicals and procedures to add years of enjoyment to your carpet.



Restoring with Salt Water Solution

It is possible to bring back some of the bright colors back by cleaning your carpet with a solution of 50/50 salt and hot water. Apply the solution with a damp cloth and let dry. Vacuum after it thoroughly dries and you should see some improvement.

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