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Kitchen & Bathroom Essentials

Kitchen & Bathroom Essentials

Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring Trends

Kitchens and bathrooms continue to be one of the most popular spaces in homes that are renovated or updated regularly. Although you do not realize it, you spend more time in these spaces than you think. The kitchen is where you spend time with friends and family, eat and cook, and entertain guests. Your bathroom is where you begin and end your day, and a nice bathroom will impress your guests. When it comes to your kitchen and bathroom, you want something that not only reflects your home décor but also your own personal taste. Sterling Carpet One Floor & Home in Grand Forks, and Bemidji, ND can help you make your dream space a reality. Below are a few flooring examples that’ll help bring your kitchen or bathroom new life.



Kitchen Flooring Ideas

To start off, we do not recommend ever installing any type of hardwood in a bathroom for several reasons; the most important being that hardwood reacts to moisture by absorbing it and it can ruin your flooring. For kitchens, we recommend going with an engineered option. Engineered hardwood floors are constructed of several layers so they have added stability and can support foot traffic and heavy appliances. Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood will not expand or contract due to changes in moisture. Although not the ideal kitchen floor, hardwood does make a beautiful option. Check out our Rustic River and Invincible collections.



Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl is quite a popular flooring option in both commercial and residential settings. Luxury vinyl can attribute its popularity to a few factors including its ability to replicate the look of hardwood and stone, and how resilient it is. Most luxury vinyl comes as water resistant, but there are waterproof options like Invincible H2O that are perfect for your kitchen and bathroom. Luxury vinyl makes a great option for wither space because you can have the authentic look of natural flooring with the added resiliency of luxury vinyl. Not only is it easier to clean and maintain, the installation is much simpler and less time consuming meaning you can get your project done faster.



Tile Flooring Options

Tile is the traditional option when it comes to kitchen and bathroom flooring. Tile is made to be heat and water resistant as well as support heavy appliances and accessories such as bathtubs and vanities. Tile comes is a wide assortment of colors and styles to choose from, and the best part is that tile is easily customizable to make a look all your own. In addition to tile being a great flooring option, you can also have tiles installed on your walls as a backsplash or focal point in your kitchen or bathroom. We carry Bel Terra in our showroom, so check out the amazing style options you have to choose from.


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